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Serving the Children of the World

Think about the most successful leader you know. (It might be you). Chances are, that person’s success as a leader has little to do with formal education and technical expertise.

What sets them apart from others with similar technical abilities is their people skills, communication skills, personal motivation, productive habits, ability to handle difficult conversations, and their sense of personal responsibility. A recent study indicated that employees don’t leave because of the job; they leave because of their manager - an expensive consequence of poor leadership.

The cost of poor leadership is incredibly high. The cost of developing your leaders is inexpensive by comparison.

The most successful companies provide training for those who have others reporting to them. A manager without leadership skills, is kind of like an accountant without a calculator or a spreadsheet. They might still get the job done, but at what cost and stress.

We have some ideas that offer a win-win-win leadership opportunity for you, your current or aspiring leaders and our community.

The Kiwanis Club of Elmira and Wayne Vanwyck with The Achievement Centre are partnering to provide a professional leadership program that will:

  1. Provide business owners and their managers with a top-rated course for developing the skills, attitudes, habits and thinking ability of their managers and leaders.
  2. Strengthen the leadership capacity of businesses and individuals in Elmira. When we have strong leaders, we have a healthier community.
  3. Get measureable, sustainable results. Our goal is always to make sure the organization paying the bill gets a high return on investment.    
  4. Provide a new fundraising approach to the Kiwanis club so it can continue to do good work in our community. Net proceeds will be reinvested in our community, with a particular emphasis on children and youth.
  5. Build a leadership network in our community that strengthens relationships, enables cross-pollination of ideas, and encourages working together to build stronger businesses and a stronger community.